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Jounal linking Faith and Software Development

A Calvin College computer science professor has created a professional journal that focuses on the link between Christian faith and software development.

This directly relates to the ICTA SLTy perspective.

See http://www.calvin.edu/news/releases/2007-08/dynamic-link.html

How Crosscape can help you get into Missions IT

I often have to answer emails about how Crosscape can help people getting into missions using their IT skills. Here is a recent response:

Spock - searching for people

I read about a new search engine called Spock at spock.com so I had a look and got a beta account.

The interface uses tagging, with some sort of machine learning/voting. So you can vote on tags people are given. The Spock robot sets tags too.

As well as tags, people get photos, some basic info - age, location etc and a short description, plus web sites and related people (both of which can be voted on).  

Internet by Bus

How do you access the internet when you village is miles from the nearest POP? How about by Bus?Check out United Villages who have set up business supplying  intrenet by caching wifi access with the caches on buses or bikes.

ICTA News May 7 2007

Our combined conference with MCSI is on THIS SATURDAY, May 12 starting at 9:30 (registrations from 9am) at North Ryde. Find details at www.crosscape.com.au, www.mcsi.edu.au and www.SLTCommunity.net. If you haven't registered, then please do so by contacting MCSI integrating@mcsi.edu.au 02 9850 6133 today. Registrations are $50.

IT for low-tech nations

I noticed this article in ComputerWorld about a non profit group called Inveneo from San Franciso bringing sustainable IT and networking solutions to small communities in the developing world. This brought my attention to AMD's 50x15initiative to bring Internet and computing capability to 50% of the world's population by 2015. I'm sure they want a lot of AMD product to be sold!

Life on the equator

I'm in Pontianak in Indonesia on the equator. Fairly warm, but not too bad. I'm visiting some Christians here. Intgeresting work going on. They build relationships through community, help the poor etc, and develop churched.NOt much to do with technology, although they do have a couple of need, I've basically here to meet the people.It is interesting to see the diversity of peoples and reigions here. EG with Chinese new year about to occur decorations are up everywhere. Then at 4:30 we are woken by a call to prayer. Yet I went to church today.... 

Off to Asia

I have flown to Singapore and am on my way to Indonesia today, to visit friends there. Singapore has been mild - much cooler than my normal experience.  Had a decent hotel. Wandered around China Town last night, getting ready for new year so lots of decorations.Unfortunately I lost a new USB flash MP3 player somewhere on my travels, which is very annoying.More after I've done something! 

SMEserver 7.1 upgrade hiccups

As SMEserver 6.0 is no longer supported I've been migrating sites to 7.1, including those already on 7.0 (this can be done by a yum update).

I had a really good experience with a new Dell server - no problems, built the mirror fine, and even recognised the UPS connected by USB once I had enabled nut in the configuration.

I've also had some hiccups....

One machine has lost its access to an IDE tape drive. Haven't really worked that one yet. We had the same problem moving from 6.0 to 7.0, but I'm not sure what is going on now.

The Spirit's leading....at work.

When you are working, do you listen for the Holy Spirit's prompting?

Now, don't overreact to that statement. I'm not talking about words of knowledge and so on (but it might be). I am talking about the still small voice of God.

It might appear as that strange hunch that you should go and check that server, or revisit that code.

Now, admittedly I am effectively in a "full time ministry role", but a lot of what I do is technical, or web updates, or plain old admin stuff. Yet I find that God directs my day with small whispers (and sometimes loud bangs!). And sometimes I am distracted.

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