To mobilise Christians in the IT industry in order to facilitate the strategic Holy Spirit-led use of Information Systems primarily in cross-cultural mission organisations, thereby helping to extend the Kingdom of God to all peoples.

Welcome to the Crosscape Networks web site

Welcome to our site. 

This used to be the online home for Crosscape Technology Ltd, but that organisation has now been wound up. Much of the content here relates to it.

So, briefly, who is Crosscape Networks?  It is David Miller. Primarily we provide web hosting services and if that is what you are looking for, then go to and see how we can help you.

I am now on staff with Global Recordings Network Australia as IT Specialist.

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Crosscape Technology Ltd Windup

The company Crosscape Technology Limited is currently undergoing voluntary deregistration.

While the organisation ceases to exist, the vision remains, and an association may yet be formed with similar aims.

What happens with this web site is still to be decided.

Katrina and David Miller are now staff with Global Recordings Network Australia.

Changes at Crosscape

After 11 years of ministry through Crosscape Technology David Miller has resigned as staff and he and Katrina have now joined the staff of Global Recordings Network (GRN) in Australia. He will continue to provide IT services to Crosscape clients through Crosscape by secondment.

It is likely that Crosscape Technology Ltd as an organisation will be wound up, although we expect that elements of the ministry will continue under a similar name in conjunction with GRN.

David continues to be a director of Crosscape Technology Ltd.

ICCM AU 2008 Downloads

Well, ICCM AU 2008 is over. Here are the Presentations.


Also I mentioned a book on IT strategy for non profits - Wired for Good - Joni Podolsky ISBN 0-7879-6279-1 Jossey-Bass.

Also a web site for technology and non-profits

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