Crosscape Technology Ltd can assist Christian missions with a variety of Information Technology and computer services. These services will change as our capabilities increase and change over time. We only provide these services to Christian ministry organisations, and prioritise Christian cross-cultural mission organisations.The services we provide at this time include:

  • Windows desktop support
  • *nix system administration & installation - for servers and desktops (including SMEserver a great small office server)
  • Network and Firewall management (including Linux(R) based IPCop )
  • IT training (eg MS Office)
  • ADSL sales & installation
  • General IT consulting
  • Internet strategy development
  • Web site server setup and technical development (but not graphical design)
  • IT strategy development
  • dTracker installation/customisation and support (dTracker is an MS Access based Donor Management system developed specifically for Australian missions)
  • Secure email

For further information please contact us.Web Hosting & Broadband ADSL in AustraliaWe sell Web Hosting, Broadband phone and mobile services, including VOIP solutions. See our specialist web site at