Description of SMEserver
SMEServer is a small office server that runs Linux(R). It is based on CentOS, and is a customised install.

The server provides a number of services, including

  • File serving - to Windows and Macs
  • Login authenication
  • Web serving - internally and externally, & SSL
  • Mail serving
  • Secure Web mail
  • Basic firewall
  • Squid Web proxy
  • PPP & PPoE Dialup connectivity (including over ADSL)
  • MySQL database
  • LDAP directory
  • Backups
  • VPN connectivity (including PPTP, IPSEC).
  • SSH remote access

Newer versions (> 6.0) include

  • Email virus & spam filtering

Administration is generally conducted using a secure web page.

Since SMEserver does not have a GUI display on the server there is a significant performance improvement on the same hardware over other solutions. is the main place for community development.

How is SMEServer used in Missions?
It is used as a small office server. The server is easily managed and operates on a lower spec machine than other solutions.

In very small offices it can act as the firewall. In larger offices a separate firewall is often used.

Since SMEserver installs quickly and easily from 1 CDROM and is designed for users with minimal knowledge it is easy to implement in offices with low levels of support.

Issues with SMEserver
Mittel developed e-smith, and then released to the community, while they continue with their own product. This was just after Redhat launched the Fedora Project. At the moment there hasn't been a change in the base operating system version. There are discussions as to options. This may lead to future problems dealing with security issues that might arise in packages. However there is ongoing support and fixes to packages, so there is likely to be a resolution to this problem in the medium term.

Different implementations and solutions using SMEserver

Crosscape Technology Ltd support a number of missions using SMEserver.