Ready, Steady, Prepare

2 days to go. I've spent the day shopping for bits and pieces, buying foriegn currency etc. Make sure we have all the bits we might need - tools, spare parts etc. Last week we spent 3 days training with the International Teams Australia Summer Teams in Sydney. This was the first time that Alan & I meet. The training was good, covering a lot of helpful stuff, and it also was an experience, helping us work through some emotions before we encounter them on the field. As Rick said: "Better to fail in training than on the field". We also had a commissioning service on the Monday evening where Sydney supporters were able to come and pray for us. We also had prayer in our churches last Sunday. Even though most of what we are planning to do is technical, there is still very much a spiritual component. People rely on these computers to enable their ministry to happen. Eg I've just heard from International Teams in Bangkok (our first stop) that none of their computers are working. Couple be a fun time! Unfortunately it loks like they haven't organised DSL yet, so we may not be doing that part of the work.