Bangkok flashes by ...

We've been in Thailand for 3 days, but this is the first chance we've had to blog. We didn't have broadband access at the Intl Teams office in Bangkok, they may order that this week and we'll fix them up in a couple of weeks. So we are sitting in Bangkok Domestic Terminal waiting for our flight to Chiang Mai.

Our flights went well. Both the flights from Melbourne to Singapore and the Singapore to Bangkok were early. Alan's first overseas experience was Changi Airport in Singapore!!! (:lol:) We managed to get through the melee at Bangkok arrivals with the help of tourist information and found the official metered taxi rank, avoiding massive overcharging.

We then got our first look at Bangkok (it was cloudy, so didn't see much from the plane). It is large and sprawling, somewhat smoggy, but quite ordered compared to many cities. The taxi driver managed to find our accomodation (PP House) and we got to our rooms. Cecille, one of the Intl Teams leaders was there to meet us and help us check in. After a shower in our hand held showers we headed down to the ministry centre where they teach English and computers (or would if they worked....).

They hadn't had a working computer for 5 months!

We discovered 4 computers a Win 98 box on Pentium, A K6-200 which was unusable, and 2 AMD Durons (1G & 1.7Gb), one sort of working with errors and one with a dead power supply. It turned out that that one had a fried motherboard. Both of these were running XP Pro. The working one of these we scanned managed to get working by reverting to the last known good config.

We had to go to Pantip Plaza, an IT mall for parts for the fried motherboard

Since our flight is boarding, I have to go, but here is a photo of our lunch with the Filipino Intl Teams team in Bangkok, and one of the ITeams Australia Summer Team.