Welcome to Chiang Mai

Well, in our rush at the airport yesterday, we neglected to include a photo of some of the PCs we worked on while in Bangkok.

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David and I must have been a sight in the airport gate lounge yesterday.  We were both head down in our work.  While David wrote, I prepared the pictures for him to post!

Our flight to Chiang Mai arrived in the late afternoon, around 5 PM.  Some confusion over our accommodation led to our first songtaew ride.  A songtaew is basically a small pick-up truck with an enclosed tray.  It has seats down both sides for passengers, and they are quite common in Chiang Mai.  I'll post a picture later for anyone who hasn't seen one.

Afterwards, we went down to the night market.  Here you can find everything from fruit to wood carvings, t-shirts and watches to hand copied pictures and leather goods.  Much of it is on the side of roads, and stalls line both sides of the footpath making the gap between very narrow!  Here is a more open part.

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The night market also offers outdoor dining, which we enjoyed very much last night.

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