More Thai musings

For anyone who's wondering, yes, we're a bit behind on the blog right now. A combination of many things to do and some minor illness has served to muck up our plans a bit. Thankfully, David and I weren't sick at the same time, so the work was able to continue! As a result, these next few entries may be delayed by a few days from reality - please hang in there while we catch up, as time and Internet access permits.

Chiang Mai is an unusual mix. It is somewhat a tourist town of course so many of the signs you see are bi-lingual - this decreases as you move out of town. Many of the people here speak English too, though for most it seems to be "a little". Of course, you can't always assume that a western-looking foreigner here speaks English either - many are from Europe. I suppose that's why our current hotel's laundry sheets are written in English and French (but not Thai!)

Which brings us to this picture. On Wednesday night, feeling "all Thai'd out", we decided to find something different to eat. David suggested pizza, and I knew I'd seen it advertised. Turns out that it was advertised at the hofbrauhaus (German restaurant). While David switched to German food, I stuck with the pizza (which wasn't bad at all), and we both settled on German deserts (Apple strudel and Black Forest cake - see picture).

<img src='tiki-view_blog_post_image.php?imgId=17' border='0' alt='image' />

In my mind, there's a curious irony about being here in Chiang Mai, eating at a German restaurant (which also serves Italian and Thai food), decorated by a combination of laughing Buddha and smaller German waiter figures. Whatever they're doing, it must be working though. Apparently, it's been a family business running for 20 years!