Mountains and country

As Alan mentioned, we have been a little unwell, something common to travellers and workers in different cultures, so we are experiencing something common to many. I also am trying ot get over a cold virus from before Christmas.

We managed to get this 'experience' during a tour on our day off last Thursday. While seeing Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand and part of the Himalayan chain, we visited a Hmong village for lunch and ate something not so good!  We also saw waterfalls, some memorials for the King and Queen, one of which is supposed to contain relics of the Buddha, and a Karen village. Both the Hmong and Karen are Christian, compared to the Buddhist Thai.

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So, on Friday I was by myself in the office, working on one machine, and cleaning up. Bruce (from Itapon) took me to lunch on the back of a scooter. Sorry. no photo to prove that!

Saturday was a visit to one of the conferences. They were all folk teaching english or learning another language in a very large nearby country. A couple do IT outsourcing! One of the folk at the conference used to go to school with my wife, Katrina! We joined in during their worship and teaching and then had a short session of PC repair after lunch (scheduled for 1 hour). We had about 12 people waiting!!! We  handled most of the problems with only a couple that we couldn't complete.

Today has been Thai church and some shopping. We travel to Bangkok tomorrow, spend a bit of time with FEBC before catching a bus to Pattaya on the coast for another conference.