Monday Jan 30 saw us flying back from Chinag Mai to Bangkok. We managed to find the FEBC office with a little difficulty! Once there we had a chance to understand their network setup. Since we had a couple of hours, we installed the RAM upgrades that we had for 4 computers, which they very much appreciated. When we return on Thursday we will mainly work
on the Win 2000 server that is 4 years or more old. If we were around a bit longer and could ensure support (which is possible) we would install SMEserver to reduce the demands on the server and licensing demands etc. However we can't do that, so we are going to focus on getting backups in place (probably DVD+RW), and get the server patched.

The workstations at FEBC likewise need updates, but the network isn't really (!) Internet connected, so not such a big issue right now.

From FEBC we lugged our luggage to the bus terminal to catch the bus for th e2.5 hour trip to Pattaya. From the songthaew on the way to the hotel we could see the Pattaya beach. Most of the tourists I saw were men. Quite sad. The hotel is in the south, so a bit more 'family friendly', but not much. Its a pity that the worst side of our culture becomes the tourism focus for this area.

We have also learnt that the heavy haze all over Thailand is from the burning of the rice paddies after cropping all over the region. We can only see 2-3 km, although we could actually see stars last night!

Anyway there is a conference here that we are serving. Unfortunately not so many people have taken up the opportunity of our help. This can be a trust issue, or we just need to publicise our services slightly differently next time (we will give your PC a check up!). The folk we are helping minister in places all over the region, reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus.

One of the machines we have worked on didn't have anti-virus software, which I think is quite amazing! We did join in for worship & teaching todya (and soon for dinner). The speaker is from Sydney, and David knows him, which is encouraging.