We recognise a few key principles

  • That God desires to save people from all peoples of the world, and that it is strategic to focus our resources on the unreached (ie those without churches, the bible) since less than 0.1% of the church's global resources are expended on reaching them.
    So our ministry is almost exclusively with cross-cultural missions, and strategically with those targetting the unreached. We also recognise that the unreached are now congregating in cities with 50% of the world now living in cities, and we seek to support ministries that recognise this trend.
  • That the world of Information Systems is very specialised. Most missions do not recognise the degree of specialisation in IS and tend to use people outside of their specialisation.
    'Would you want a heart surgeon operating on your brain?' To some extent this can work for people in long term day-to-day operational positions, but it creates problems when dealing with project work. Crosscape wants to address this problem by being a means of sharing skilled staff through secondments, as well as a means of effectively and efficiently supporting Information Systems projects for missions with the right personnel.
  • That Christians in the technology industry have a special role in supporting missionaries working with technology.
    Those in the industry more easily understand the work that such missionaries do. We want to foster relationships to support these workers that not only encourage, train and financially support the missionaries, but also educate the supporters in missions and the use of Information Systems in missions so that they might grow in an understanding of God's plan for them in His work. This leads to a possible development path for supporters from supporter, to short termer, to, potentially, full time missionary, as God determines.