Back to Bangkok

Turned out there were a couple of Computer Scientists at the conference in Pattaya. One was teaching at Grace Intl School, another is looking at teaching programming at one of the universities in Chiang Mai. That alone is an answer prayer for help developing engineering skills for Thais.

We bussed back to Bangkok, leaving the coast behind but not the humidity. This time, rather than staying in a hotel or guest house we stayed at Big John's Hostel in Bangkok. Lots of aussies and other westerners, pies, and sausages with mince meat!!!

We got back to Bangkok earlier than planned so visited FEBC on Wednesday afternoon and installed the DVD+RW writer that evening. We ended up installing NovaStor's NovaBackup to packup the Win2k server that has never had a backup.

We also looked a a few other machines, including the director's laptop and one other. The director is an Aussie WEC worker who has been in Thailand for many years and had a number of interesting insights into the culture. The other laptop was for a Thai gentleman who does the accounts, and computers, speaks 6 languages, produces some of the programs, is a former pastor, and is learning english! We did the usual cleanups for spyware and also remote backups for one of the PCs and a few other twiddles.

We also did a survey of the network and will produce a report for them to help plan future developments and upgrades of the network. Ther server is about 6 years old.

Now we are off to SIngapore - more soon.