David in Singapore

Alan and I separated on Sunday morning. While he saw some of the sights of Singapore I moved into the OMF guesthouse. I then attended St George's Anglican Church with the Cooper family. We then travelled back to their condominium where Chinese New Year was to be celebrated.

<img src='tiki-view_blog_post_image.php?imgId=20' border='0' alt='Singapore at Night' />

I left my camera in the unit, so I don't have photos of the flag pole balancing (about 30 foot pole in a breeze, nor the lion dancing. It appears that everything about Chinese New Year relates to propsperity and fortune. They clean out their houses before hand to greet it, but then don't seep during new year to avoid sweeping out the good luck. The lion dancing is also realted. Those very keen paid for the dancers to visit their homes and visit each room. Similarly money is given to children and madarins are shared to bring good luck.

We joined in with the tradition of Fa Cai Yu Sheng, which is a sweet salad. As each ingredient is added there is a traditional saying recited, usually something to do with good fortune, prosperity, good health etc. Once all the ingredients are added everyone joins in with thier chopsticks in tossing the salad, the higher, the more good fortune! Can get messy :-).  The salad is made of shredded crips vegetables, smoked salmon, plum sauce and other ingredients. I also had some on my Singapore Airlines flight home.

Anyway, Chirs Cooper and I then went to one of the IT Malls in Singapore, [http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Singapore/Singapore-1495679/Shopping-Singapore-Sim_Lim_Square-BR-1.html|SIM Lim Square], then other one being [http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/Asia/Singapore/Singapore-1495679/Shopping-Singapore-Funan_IT_Mall-BR-1.html|Funan IT Mall) which was near our hotel. Chris had to get some bits and pieces, Then, after some dinner (Indian (we were on the edge of Little India), and some icecreams it was back to the guest house.

On Monday I visited the FEBI office where Chris works and prepared for a meeting, and started setting up a server for the office. (No rest here!)  We then went off to a meeting to talk about the possibility of having a conference about the use of IT in mission work. Looks like we will hold it in Chiang Mai!!! It was a very encouraging meeting, and we got to hear what some others are doing as well.

Tuesday it was back to the FEBI office to finish off setting up the server, although we ran into a problem getting addresses for the server (they are on another office's network). We'll have to do some stuff remotely. But we were able to supply a disk for the server.