The Cyber missionary of the future

The Momentum Magazine for July/August has a interesting futurisitic article on what it might be like to be a missionary in 2081. Some of the technology may be a bit far fetched, but some of the ideas aren't. Have a read...

It is interesting how they describe handling objectionable material. A problem we have at the momentis actually identifying objectional material, so we can't do anything like it, but would you be willing to reduce your filtering as the main character did?

This story also makes me think about some of the online games that are becoming popular, such as second life etc.  Maybe there may be opportunities to reachout in these. I heard on the World Technology Report that they are setting up shops in the etc. Actually, in the Technology Column of the next issue of the Momentum Magazine there is a reference to trying to reachout using  the World of Warcraft game with 7 million subscribers world wide.