SME and IDE tape backups

At the moment and are in a state of flux, so I'll document this here for now....

with SMEserver 7.0 you now need to use the ide-scsi module for tape drive support, and you need to turn off DMA, and I suspect you may need to run the non-SMP kernel, but that needs further testing. Without the turning off DMA you are forced to access the device in 512 byte blocks which breaks tar backups, since it wants to write in block size 0...

To turn off dma on ide and use ide-scsi you want to edit /etc/grub.conf to read something like

kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.9-34.0.2.EL ro root=LABEL=/1 ide=nodma hdc=ide-scsi

my tape drive is on the master of the second IDE interface, so is hdc - your may be difference

Note that this is for an updated 7.0 non-SMP system. You basically want to append

ide=nodma hdc=ide-scsi

to the kernel which you boot.

If you want to change the kernel you boot change the line


to read the instance in the file (hint they start with 'title' at the beginning). Note you start counting from 0. For more info read the grub manual

man grub