Is Crosscape an Apostolic Service Provider?

I came across this article (Introducing the "ApNet": a 21st Century Approach to Apostolic Ministry in the November-December 2006 issue of Mission Frontiers. I've attached the PDF as well.

The article talks about Apostolic Service Providers (ASP), basically outsourcers of the various roles performed by traditional mission agencies, such as IT, HR, member care, fund raising, printing etc, letting the agency focus on what it does best.

Now, in business, this restructure has been happening for some time. But missions tend to be more conservative and tend to lag behind in such trends. This may also be indicator that leadership of suh organisations may tend to be of an older generation. Anyway, the generations are changing and I have seen this change happen in at least one organisation.

I think Crosscape, and others like it, eg Lightsys in the US, are ASPs. The problem is, that many organisations haven't yet understood how they can use us, so we struggle.

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