ICTA News May 7 2007

Our combined conference with MCSI is on THIS SATURDAY, May 12 starting at 9:30 (registrations from 9am) at North Ryde. Find details at www.crosscape.com.au, www.mcsi.edu.au and www.SLTCommunity.net. If you haven't registered, then please do so by contacting MCSI integrating@mcsi.edu.au 02 9850 6133 today. Registrations are $50. We will have an hour break to go over to Macquarie Centre to get some lunch.

What is SLTy? Well, it is Spirit Led Technology. What the? Can God be involved wih us in our work? Not just at work, but in our day to day work in IT? Come to the conference and see a 10 minute video from Pete Holzmann, head of ICTA, as he explains what SLTy is. Visit www.SLTyCommunity.net (the new ICTA web site), register, and talk about the issues. Do you think it is all bollocks? The say so and why. More likely, we are finding that this resonates deeply with people.

IT for Low-Tech Nations
I discovered some groups other than the USD100 laptop who are trying to create technology fo low tech nations. See my blog http://www.crosscape.com.au/site/node/68

Kingdom Business and IT
Joseph Vijayam, ICTA India coordinator and CEO of Olive Technology, writes on Innovation and Kingdom Business for the Momentum Magazine. Read the article at http://www.momentum-mag.org/mag/index.php/200705_Innovation_in_Kingdom_Business
He discuss much of his own story and the differences between tentmaking, marketplace ministry and kingdom business. Would you like to lead a company like that?

Some Mission Wikis
We have the http://www.MissionTech.info/ wiki for Mission IT. Now there is Missiopedia http://www.momentum-mag.org/wiki/Main_Page It is just starting, but is one of the attempts to gather mission information.

So How Are We Going in Reaching The World?
Want to see how we are going in the work God has given us to reach all nations? The Joshua Project is one of the groups tracking this information. See a summary at http://www.joshuaproject.net/globalscale.php You can also check out profiles on individual people there.