How Crosscape can help you get into Missions IT

I often have to answer emails about how Crosscape can help people getting into missions using their IT skills. Here is a recent response:

We work mainly in Australia, with some trips to Asia. We can help people find roles for longer, probably raising funds through Crosscape and being seconded to another mission.

We see there are 2 basic types of roles in mission IT, project and
ongoing support. Ongoing support (or really long term development) roles are probably better supported through individual mission organisations. However such organisations do poorly at the project type roles, unless they are big and can move people around.

Most missions (unless they are technical, and even some of them) don't understand IT and IT skills. They can put an IBM systems programmer into a Windows server role (at least they are both systems roles!). However flexibility is key in missions - God doesn't always respect your knowledge and can put you in a role and train you. For IT, the core skill is the engineering and problem solving capabilities - being able to learn what you need to know. If you can do this, you can go far!

So, chances are, at this time, we would probably help link you up with a mission that has a particular need, but would want to partner with you long term. And, as I said, I might know of just the role, but I'm going to have to wait for confirmation that it still exists.