To mobilise Christians in the IT industry in order to facilitate the strategic Holy Spirit-led use of Information Systems primarily in cross-cultural mission organisations, thereby helping to extend the Kingdom of God to all peoples.

ICCM-AU 2008

Feb 5 2008 - 2:00pm
Feb 7 2008 - 2:00pm

Missions Interlink NSW IT Network is organising the ICCM-AU 2008 conference for Mission IT workers.

It will be held at the Collaroy Conference Centre. For details, contact

No Ties allowed - casual.

All linen provided. 

Cost : $210. Earlybird is $160 by Jan 14. (Note extra discount).

Registrations closed

Concerned about the situation in Burma?

Then visit the Free Burma Rangers site. They show love and care to displaced people in tribal areas in Burma. Some of the tribes have many Christians, such as the Karen. The Burmese leaders do not like these tribes.

This ministry is cutting edge.

Oh - yes they do use technology - satphones, rugged laptops, digital cameras and videos in order to document the actions of the government against its people.

New Perspectives web site launched

As part of our involvement in the Perspectives course, David has just completed a redevelopment of the the web site. Visit to see the outcome.While we are not graphics designers, most web sites do not require flashy graphics - information and function is often more important. So we focus on our strengths.This site uses Drupal, and a  new module that integrates Google Maps, so you can view a map of course locations or search by postcode. Very nice.

August 2007 On the Goat Track

Our latest newsletter is now available for downloading.

Join a trip to Thailand & Cambodia with FEBC

A small team of tech guys are travelling to Thailand and Cambodia with FEBC in November to do some work on IT gear and radio broadcast equipment in Thailand and Cambodia.The trip will be about 2 weeks, but there is flexibility. The team are planning to travel  between November 5 and 18.  You can return early if need be. Most of the time will be spent in Cambodia.Flight bookings need to be made ASAP so don't wait.You will working on Windows PCs, and internet access maybe limited.

How Crosscape can help you get into Missions IT

I often have to answer emails about how Crosscape can help people getting into missions using their IT skills. Here is a recent response:

April 2007 On the Goat Track

Here is our latest "quarterly" newsletter.

December On the Goat Track out now

David & Katrina Millers' quarterly newsletter. On the Goat Track, is now available for download. It incorporates the Crosscape newsletter this time. It is attached and is almost 6mb. It is designed to be printed on double-sided A3 and folded so you get a Christmas card from us. But if you want to just read it, that is fine.

The Spirit's work.

When you are working, do you listen for the Holy Spirit's prompting?

Now, don't overreact to that statement. I'm not talking about words of knowledge and so on (but it might be). I am talking about the still small voice of God.

It might appear as that strange hunch that you should go and check that server, or revisit that code.

Now, admittedly I am effectively in a "full time ministry role", but a lot of what I do is technical, or web updates, or plain old admin stuff. Yet I find that God directs my day with small whispers (and sometimes loud bangs!). And sometimes I am distracted.

Technology at GRN

GRN have an issue of Inside Tracks dedicated to technology - see

We assist GRN with management of their Australian servers and the US ones as needs be.